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Wow, just wow... that was a loooong time

First of all I would like to welcome you to , your home of endless ramblings, useless comments, and just general goofing off by none other than ME. If you are looking for the National Institute of Pancake research, then you took a wrong turn at

It seems that everytime I turn around, another month has slipped by without an update. There is no true excuse for the amount of time that passes between updates, other than my own lack of careing. Sure there is the time factor, in that I have little, or theres the whole "I have nothing much to talk about" angle.. yeah that one is really appernt too. When I started this whole "pseudo-blog" part of the concept was to see just how long I could go maintaning a weekly update. Needless to say, a little over a year was all that I could manage, and now I have slipped into updateing but once a year, oh oh so sad.

One might then ask, what on earth have I been doing during the extremely long absence from my own homepage? Answer being much of the same. Sure I could write paragraph after paragraph of things that occured during my "Summer in da 'port". Or the new ramblings about my newest hobbie Mountain Biking, Hell I could even rant and rave about the latest stupid assignment or brilient idea from one of my professors, but I have to say but one thing.. Whats the point?

Writing about the past is easy. You simply recolect about things that have already happened. This is sometihng anyone with a properly operating brain can do (According to my psych professor that is..) Writing about the past bores me, hell Thinking about the past tends to bore the crap out of me. What fun can be derived about thinking about past failures? What positive can be derived from remonising about past sucesses? Writing about these things for others to read by far can offer no real insight into the state of *me*. Yeah I'm really spewing the odd things now arn't I?

Instead I feel it is much more helpful to write about the near future. What one wishes to do and how they would react to a given situation that has yet to present itself. Just how will a person handel that first job offer that comes across the table. How will the first rejection letter be handeled. Things like this are far more praticle to think about in my mind.

Anywho, My vital stats: Last semestor of college, some would say WooHoo, others say Booo, I say a resounding Meh I am currently working two jobs, my programming position at PCT, and my systems design/programming position at AmerITGrads. You would think between the two of them I would be set for a job after graduation, saddly this is not true. I am still an unrestricted free agent. Lucaly, I have a few prospects.. If I can stop being all Kevin about it, and go out and talk to these people. My cars are both currently operational with the Volvo still being used as primary.

  • Weeeeee I shifted from BMX To Mountain Biking. I'm all grown up I guess.

  • I'm 21, and I don't drink, so stop asking already.

  • TiVo Rocks, that is all....

  • Obligatory site pimping... Visit Four Eyed Pride Becuase 1: Four Eye's rule, and 2: I'm an admin, yeah... what now bitch, WHAT NOW!

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As always, Feel free to contact me on AIM: t2p3capri

Last Changed: 1/2/2007, i.e. The "Now its just sad " update!

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