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.Plan for 2006

Well, Here we are in 2006. It doesnt seem that long ago that I was blindly writing my 2005 .Plan! It was brought to my attention that it's 2006, and that I better update my plan. So here I am sitting at my PC Thinking up my master plan for the year. Most of these can also be found on the pages for the specific "project" discussed.


  • Get out and socialize more.

  • Enjoy the little time remaining at School, For as much as I may hate it now, I am sure I will miss it later.

  • Build some saveings

  • Make more business contacts, allowing for an easier transition into "Real Life" upon graduation next spring.

  • Keep "Bad" roomates from using TiVO

  • Get away from said "Bad" Roomates!


  • Finish the final update for MDI Suite and Disolve relationship with Mercury Displacement Industries


  • Upgrade Electrical

    1. Install Wiring junction box in Passenger Inner Fenderwell

    2. Relocate all Relays to this location

    3. Rewire Headlight system with relays, includeing parking light system, remove all but dimmer functions from existing headlight switch. Retain "Bulb Out" functions

    4. Redo Washer system to function correctly.

  • Upgrade entire brakeing system

    1. 8.8" Rear axel with Rear Disc Brakes

    2. 11" Front Rotors with 73MM Lincon Calipers

    3. Aluminum 1-1/8" Master Cylinder

    4. Adjustable Proportining Valve for rear disc's

    5. Steeda Steel Caliper Bushings

  • Upgrade Chassis

    1. 87+ GT Spindles (for mounting 11" Rotors)

    2. Maximum Motorsports SubFrame Connectors

    3. Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber Plates

    4. Maximum Motorsports K-Member Brace

    5. Steeda Lower Rear Control Arms(maybe)



  • Replace the entire PCV system

  • Replace the fuel pump BEFORE it dies randomly

  • Fix the drivers side seat heater

  • Install a IPD Skid plate to protect engine bay

  • Replace rear breaks to get rid of annoying rubbing


  • Learn some new Rush material

  • Small Tube amp would always be nice


Kevin Balthaser, T2p3carpi

Last Updated: 1/5/2006
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