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MegaSquirt 2.3
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Some Rough Background

Well here we are, My rought scratch pad of info about megasquirt, EDIS, and a 2.3T. Some of you may ask what the hell the point of this page is. Truthfully, it serves no real point. Basicly the world renowned internet linkbot known as MfpMax and myself share very similar tastes in automotive gizmo's. We both performed swaps to EFI 2.3T's into carbed foureyed Fox bodys amoung other things. Well, basicly, we both have this "drive" to install a megasquirt into our cars, and use the Ford EDIS ignition.

Those that know would say, "Hey morons, thats a documented swap, its not that hard, just do it and get it over with!". There in lies the problem. We are both poor,We live on oppiosit ends of the east coast (PA for me, FL for him), And most importantly, we are lazy and lack fabrication abilites. So, we are attempting to find the EASIEST and convesly, the Cheapest method possible to do this. Thats where this page comes in. I will just post what ever info we (more specificly, HE) dig(s) up.

What we know so far:

  1. The infamous CPS sensor:

    • There was a roumor going around about a mythological Cam Position Sensor, that was installed in place of the distributor, and contained all the workings of the 36:1 trigger system to be used to trigger the EDIS system.

    • The Truth: More research on this topic has shown that there was a Ford sensor that was installed on certain cars that used a Distributorless Igniton System: Only problem? Its acutally considered a Cam Phase Sensor, The only purpose it serves it to tell the DIS (NOT EDIS!!) system what cycle the engine is on (Crank rotates twice for one rotation of the cam, the sensor has one tooth. signal is High for 180 degrees of its rotation, or one whole rotation of the crank). This appears that it cannot be used in anyway to trigger an EDIS igniton module. We will know for sure in a few days though, as mfpmax purchased one just to make sure.

  2. DIY Wide Band O2 Controllers

    • After a metric ASSLOAD (Yes, that is a scientific unit around here!) of searching, and a million pages later we are forced to face the facts. There is no such thing as a CHEAP wideband controller, The $30 controller is unable to control the 30 sensor. But the $150 controller can... Odd Isnt it?

    • Okay Good Enough, Looks like the WBo2 project will find its way into the car. A TechEdge DIY kit with sensor runs about $150, and provides a nice wideband signal, and datalogging to boot!

  3. Relay Boards:

    • After looking at the B&G Relay board, I instantly fell in love with its simplicity. But, after discussing it a bit, I was informed that most power users of the system quickly grow to hate this board. After some thought, I have descided that I will design my own board to fit my needs, and hopefully be able to mount it under the hood completely enclosed. More details, and hopefully a schematic to follow!

Current Game Plan: Revised 02/13/2005

My current game plan consists of the following setup:

  • Megasquirt EFI Controler, running Megasquirt Extra Firmware Using Following Features

    • 12x12 tables

    • PWM Idel Control

    • Ignition Control

    • Air/Fuel Ratio Map (Possible?)

  • FlyBack Board for precise control of stock lowZ injectors

  • Ford EDIS Ignition Control

  • WBo2 Wide Band Control Unit

  • Custom Relay and Power Distribution board

    • Power Relay

    • Relocated Fan Power Relay (Moves from current under dash location)

    • Switching for existing Fuel Pump Harness

    • Status LED's for diagnosis

    • Serve as mounting location for harness

  • Custom Engine Harness

    • Elimiantes unneeded wireing, and clutter

    • Provides new wireing, Eliminates Age as a factor

    • Proper connections for sensors

As you can see, I have ALOT of stuff to do, and alot more planing to go. As I learned from my experence with the initial swap, Attention to the prejob planing is the key to sucess. The more you know and have planed going in, the better things turn out in the end.
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